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Welcome to Livineasy
They offer free training which can help you better understand computers and the Web with lots of tips and a rich assortment of articles.

Internet Clocks, Counters, and Countdowns
Dedicated to Internet clocks, counters, and countdowns. Great collection of live clocks on the web.!

Pogonip The-eZine
An eZine that uses artistic design and advanced HTML to feature poetry, fiction, art and photography.

Try this handy translator with nine different lanquages.

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CyberCulture - The World, Internet and the Web

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See Also:

    Cyberanthropology - Non-commercial resource dedicated to the anthropological study of cyberspace. Includes virtual seminars, an e-library, discussion groups, a course finder, a glossary, a calendar of activities, comics, and book reviews.

    Edge - Promotes inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues, and works for the intellectual and social achievement of society. - Weird, wired, and wonderful links selected by a group of contributors.

    Need To Know - Britain's most sarcastic high-tech newsletter (weekly, +e-mail). - A fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun.

    NetRants - Views and opinions on the latest Internet issues. New rants appear about every 2 months.

    Index of Matt Drudge - A list of linked articles by Bob Brand, including some Wired columns Matt has written.

    Foundation for Digital Culture - A non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and support digital culture and art on-line.

    Contact Consortium - A Forum about Virtual Worlds, Avatars, Virtual Community.

    Meditations on First Cybersophy - An Internet version of Descartes' conslusions regarding the Self and the existence of God.

    Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies - An online, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to research, study, teach, support, and create diverse and dynamic elements of cyberculture.

    The Virtual Community - Online version of Howard Rheingold's book.

    Axis Mutatis - An attempt to revive the bulletin boards of old, infusing them with new world style, counterculture and technoculture, and free expression.

    Absolute Cyberculture Books - Book listing of 50 cyberculture books. Links back to where you can purchase the titles online.

    Economic TeleDevelopment Forum - Dialogue and collaboration with leaders of other communities that are embracing the concept of smart cities or smart communities.

    The WELL - Online community known for engaging conversation and intelligent debate. Features more than 260 conferences ranging from technical and specific to abstract and surreal.

    Cyberculture - Links to Net culture and virtual reality.

    CyberStudies Links - A site full of links to articles, papers, online journals, discussion lists, and other pages of links dealing with the study of the Internet and Internet culture.

    CyberNik - A collection of politically incorrect multimedia.

    e-vangelism - Teach uses of the Internet for Christian evangelism.

    Cyber Behavior Research Center - Research center with information on the interface between human behavior and new technology, especially the web.

    BETA Online - A monthly webzine about technology's impact on culture. Essays, books reviews, and cartoons.

    Glossary of Internet Terms - Basic web and internet terms defined.

    Stange's Cyber Space Shuttle - A huge, searchable database of Internet addresses regarding both arts and sciences, taken separately and together.

    Cyberspace - Contains various links to topics related to cyberspace.

    The Virtual Community - Free online version of a book by Howard Rheingold that examines the nature of computer communications.

    The Lost Library of MOO - Reconstructed version of the old MOO/MU* document library.

    Net Culture - Information on online communities, personal pages, informatin on hackers and cyber-liberties, and examination the nature of online life and identity.

    e-generation - A public service from BEA dedicated to documenting the e-generation through its autobiographical stories.

    Cyberculture Weblog - Links to organizations and studies about cyberculture, from hackers to gender issues.

    Reflections In The Mirror - A satirical and informative view of an online subculture.

    About Virtual Communities - A refreshing and comprehensive overview of the effect on virtual communities on the net. Includes links to other sites about virtual communities.

    Barry Wellman - Research by Barry Wellman and associates into social networks, social support, virtual community, computer networks as social networks

    CALT Encyclopedia - A collection of resources related to the study of Virtual Communities. Approaches, technologies, CMC, etc.

    Identity and gender in cyberspace - The Synthetic Environment is used to describe a setting where any electronic cue to the persons identity is entirely under their own control.

    Cyberculture News - Headlines and links to cyberculture news stories from 1,600 sources worldwide. Webmasters can also put customized cyberculture news headlines on their site for free.

    The Dog Museum - Research site that is primarily concerned with how humor and humanity are conveyed online.

    NewsSynthesis - News portal that draws headlines on the emerging cyberculture from across the net.

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Web and CyberCulture

There are many web sites that will give a feel for the Internet and Web culture. What exactly is web culture? It is all about links, information, entertainment, education, exploration but most of all communication. It can be exciting, too slow, too fast, cool, wow, frustrating, enlightening, and fun! There are no rules but there is Netiquette. Why would anyone want to use the web when they can just watch TV? Please, come on, talk about boring...TV? What could be more booooooring. Well, just check out the web sites on this page to get a better idea of what the web is all about?

A good place to get started is The WWW3 is mostly in text form, but so all the best books. HotWired is much more lively and cutting edge. There are sites on the web people won't like and other sites that may become indispensible. For education, how can the Library of Congress be beat? CNN news, Nando news, and all the world's news organizations can't be wrong. From GORP to ESPN, there are all matter of sports sites. To the White House and the FEDworld, all politics is on the web.

Families will not be disappointed with ParentSoup to children's museums like ExploraNet. Shoppers must visit Amazon Books to Land's End and to get cured try the
Mayo Family Clinic. Budding scientists will love the Science Magazine Online.

Worldwide exploration like the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, will expand your mind. will take folks to Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and to the Americas, all the United Nations are represented.

Live Music, from Paris to Houston. Before leaving your PC to travel, check out the maps at Mapquest and the weather. Monitor your finances at Bloomberg before departure with Lonely Planet. Look up a friend's phone number or challenge them to a game.

For web travel, start with the search engines such as Yahoo, Altavista, Excite, Infoseek, Hotbot or Lycos. Get the latest browser at Netscape or Microsoft and don't forget to grab a favorite plug-in. With Apple, IBM, and Compaq, a new computer may be in the works. So go ahead! Explore the web culture, then create your own home page!

  • New Renaissance Magazine
    New Renaissance is a quarterly journal of social and
    spiritual awakening. It provides a holistic perspective
    on local and global issues, with news and commentary on
    ecology, economics, politics, spirituality, science and the arts.

  • A Hippie's Beliefs - by Cinnamon Girl
    Browse over to view Cinnamon Girl's philosophy of life!
    Very moving!

  • Deanna's World
    Includes The Poetry Gallery, Victorian Treasures, Realm of the Unicorns The Faerie Circle, Reflections of the Renaissance and other fascinating areas of her web site!

    They have free to play java games, free original webgraphics, also offering webdesign services, shockwave presentations, custom graphics, rebranded games and more.

  • Kathy's Hodgepodge Korner
    Learn more about Country Music, Golden Oldies, Elvis Presley, Genealogy and Movies/TV.

  • Gina's Page
    Take a look at Gina's Home Page from the University of Waterloo in Canada!

  • Jonathan’s World
    Irish toddler invites you to visit him in Hong Kong. Read his hilarious diary, try some games and puzzles, discover his city, see his photos. Free Tiggermail! Free Greeting Cards! Great safe links for kids, fun stuff, parenting and the coolest Pooh Whatnots. Funny and very sweet, parents love it! Kids too!

  • CybercardUSA
    Create real greeting cards online.  They'll print and mail them to anywhere in the world for just $3.75.  Free ecards and reminder service.  French and German language sites also available, and coming soon...Spanish.

  • Splash With Twiggie
    Features a history site featuring 100 years of women, Black history dating back to 1900 through 1920's, search Oregon, Concern for our planet, diversity, domain search, ftp, webmonkey, web site tune-up, Graphics....

  • Christina Web Page
    Uma carioca em Jacksonville, Florida. In Portuguese and English with wonderful animations!

  • Internet Lost and Found
    Select the many countries around the world to list and search for lost and found property. Free directory for lost and found items worldwide.

  • El Internet de los Objetos Perdidos.
    El directorio gratuito de los objetos perdidos y hallados.

  • Lady Jane's Palace - Graphics and More
    Free web graphics, sets, jewels, and designs, info on cats, pages on school graphics designs, and links to design resources.

  • Magyver of the Yuba River
    Now featuring Gold Mining, Pizza, Cats and Fun Stuff!

  • JCB’s Internet Love Line
    The show for hearts in despair.  Hopelessly romantic midis by request, dedications, music, chat, toys, games, trivia, and much more. Listen to that great music!

  • Woof's Place
    Contains games, music, and other things.

  • Official Homepage of Todd Beller
    You will find plenty of stuff to keep to you entertained on Todd's home page!

  • elise's zesty weasel
    What a really good personal web site should be.... Very fun and informative site! In the original spirit of the Web! Free, original graphics for personal pages, html & design tips and resources, humour/silliness/fun and some very interesting links in the olive it! area.

  • The Big Mess Studio
    The Big Mess is an on-line portfolio, personal writings, Mac lust, useful links and the real raven (Edgar's friend). From the site - "It's Not a Mess, it's Art! No Java, No Midi's, just good clean HTML. And as always,100% Mac!"

  • The World According to Pat
    Web design, desktop publishing, and audio production under the name Largely Desktop Productions. Also offers free graphics including desktop pictures for Macintosh computers.

  • Miss Angel's Place
    From her site... "To promote women's issues and values...Often that gets overshadowed by daily things...the kind of person who fights for the underdog and to promote women's issues and values in my daily life...Often that gets overshadowed by daily things ... kind of person who fights for the underdog."

  • Online Hieroglyphic Translator - FREE!!!
    Instantly translate your name or any other word or phrase into ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs -- for free!!!

  • Die coole Homepage
    Shareware und Freeware fuer Win95, Amiga, Psion, Dos, Links, Gaestebuch, Chat, Award, Galerie and Telefonkarten.

  • JoyZine and The Adventures of Zoe
    Ezine featuring interviews and backstage adventures with famous bands; info on Australia, Aboriginal Dreamtime legends and art; women's issues, original literature and much more

  • Do Not Enter: James Canavan
    Web site of programmer James Canavan who is into computers, programming, mathematics, art, AI, spheres, algorithms, atoms, molecules, C++ and PERL. Enjoy his "Do Not Enter" road signs from around the world!

  • Madame Lavina's Voodoo Parlour
    Advice astrology wisdom from the Voodoo Parlour: Madame Lavina Baylow help with fortunetelling astrological forecasts and interpretations. Bulgarian acrobats Ivan and Toly and the Editor chime in with their interpretations email letters for answers.

  • Fhyre Web
    The ultimate network of sites including downloads, game info, music reviews, etc... The list goes on!

  • Robot - Robot Kits,Robotics
    Reviews of robotics books, plus robot movies, robot kits and toy robots. Build robots for competitions, for industry, or just for fun! Mobile robots, walking robots, even robots that play soccer! Enter contests like Robot Wars, Robot Sumo, BEAM, and FIRST!

  • The Red Fish Page : Life is Weird
    A monthly site of ramblings about the general weirdness of the world.  And absolutely nothing about red fish.

  • - how to find it on the web
    Entertaining site about web searching with stories and drawings for the whole family!

  • Medeirosland the Extension
    Home spun fun. The fun spot on the net.  At the Extension, they are continually looking for new ways to keep you entertained and informed about the ever changing world around us.

  • The Ramos Web Guide
    Free animations, backgrounds, and internet cards! A weekly pick of top sites! Family, friends, Kansas links, and more!

  • Deb's Place
    A place to have fun, learn, and explore.

  • Mush Net of Alaska
    Providing Mostly Free Content for the Internet

    Their motto:
    To Serve Everyone We Touch. They offer a general overview of the Internet with news, Internet information, fun and more!

  • Kez's Pages
    Check out Kez's animations from Australia. Very talented!

  • Visit Merle's World!!
    Had a Dose of Merle Today? Merle has loaded her page up with all kinds of Internet tools, PC news and even has a newsletter!

  • Mr. Nam D. Ploom Ruminations
    Humor, Satire with Animated GIFS, Computer tutorials, Entertainment and more!

PhiLL's Site Of Useless Information
Be sure and browse over to this fun site with lots of fascinating facts about the world around us!

Send free, web-based, graphical, Email with fancEmail.  Choose from over 20 styles, and numerous fonts to dress up your message. Visit their site to sign up for your free account.

Prime Season
Online Magazine

A magazine designed primarily for adults. is committed to bringing you topics of interest and providing information; articles about health, money, family, leisure, and more - something for everyone!

the cluetrain manifesto
"people of earth...
A powerful global conversation has begun. Through the Internet, people are discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed. As a direct result, markets are getting smarter and getting smarter faster than most companies." Is the Internet creating an eCulture?

Cards from Indonesia
Splendid Interface design with original graphics and soothing images and cards. "The content is very quite groovy!"

Brigadier General Joseph V. Potter
Visit retired General Potter's home page on the web and view his distinquished career!

Digital Pitchers
Animal Postcards

Digital Pitchers is a free digital card service aiming to be the largest online digital postcard service that sends wildlife and plants pictures.

C/a Avatars
Original Avatars

Original avatars for use in HTML chat rooms. All catergorised to help you find what you're looking for. Categories include Fantasy, Animals, Art and People and more. Personalized avatars available on request.

caricature zone
A European web site dedicated to Caricature. Take a look at (200) caricatures of international stars and explore our easy-to-use method of sketching faces with a few clicks of the (PC) mouse. Now go ahead and use it If you like it tell all your friends ... and enemies!

Metaphysical Landscapes
Metaphysical landscapes-philosophy, herbs, landscaping tips, landscaping with herbs, metaphysics, music, midis, poets and poetry, art and artists, and just plain fun.

Welcome to Dystini's mind.
Fantasy, poetry, graphics,music, books, awards and more.

The Sailor Moon Creation a Manga/Comic
A sailor moon comic along with links, pictures, information on sailor moon- a combination of fanfiction and fanart.

Alton's Home
on the Web

Alton includes a bookstore, joke page, poetry page and the true meaning of love!

Tim's Page
Links, downloads, banner exchange, free stuff and more.

Chimera - Something for everyone!
Personal site with a kick! Free backgrounds, games to play, an award to win jokes, a journal and much more! Something for everyone here. Updated daily!

Stephen Linhart
Interactive fiction, art, animation, collage, After Dark compatible screensavers, board games, and Macintosh Freeware.
This very nice site includes "Beginner's Guide to Surfin," "Cut'n'Paste" JavaScripts, a humour section, software download section (freeware & essential shareware progs) and a "live" game.

Official Guide to Torrione Castle
An intriguing memory of the Past, where gazing up at the walls of this magic 12th century fortress you might just find yourself lost in a dream about medieval knights and heroines ...

Ozan Talu's Homepage
This site is aimed towards providing information about finance, chemical engineering, and places like Corpus Christi, Turkey, and Istanbul.
A Generation X cyber community where money means freedom and attitude is everything.

Y? The National Forum On People's Differences
They are a site that allows people to ask each other potentially uncomfortable cross-cultural questions. They get a lot of interest from Africa. They've been on CBS This Morning and many radio shows and written up in many papers.

Postcard Collecting

Directory Of Little Known Information

Freebies, Games, Reviews and more!

Sparky's Astounding Ancients to your Culture
It has a large Egyptian section, wonders of the ancient world, and other links to historical archives.

A great site for researching just about anything... a dictionary, translator, zip codes, on & on....

Joker34's Music and Videos

Unfurled (New site with MTV and Yahoo covering the music world. The loading of this web page may place a lot of strain on your computer resources.)

Lava World

Salon Magazine

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Free ideas from a free spirit (Chinese in nature)

Jade - Life Readings

Must see site! All about cereral. Not kidding!

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