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Shockwave Flash Ratings
The Search Beat

Shockwave Flash Featured Sites:

Designs by Mark
Fantastic online Flash tutorials!

State of the art flash site!

Great use of flash!

The Orbit

He-Man Records

Rebels Hair Company

@dver@ctive Rating: Short but nice demo page!
Art Comics Rating: One of the all-time best.
Cutting edge Internet comics. Don't miss!
Access Software Rating: Nice page and good use of those dreaded frames.
Makers of the Golf simulation Links LS.
Chevrolet Rating: Okay site but very unexciting.
EZone! Rating: Great page, one of the best but the
full Shockwave is needed in addition to Flash.
Gabocorp Rating: Great. Simply astounding!
He-Man Records Rating: Outstanding! The use of Shockwave Flash on this site fits real nicely into the theme of Ambient Music and lends a good, modern up-to-date look to the web site. This is what the future of the web looks like with the full multimedia use of the Net!
Jonamac Productions -
Professional Design Consulting
Rating: World class flash animation with wonderful, dramatic music!
Men In Black Rating: Had trouble loading the page but good web site.
Newline Rating: Great movie site. Okay flash animations.
The Orbit Rating: Outstanding loading sequence with innovative multimedia effects!
Pepsi Rating: Good graphics but hard to navigate.
Leaves one wanting more, like the designers
could have accomplished a lot more!
Rebels Rating: This great web site shows you why the Netherlands is one of the world leaders in cutting-edge web sites with great graphics layout, music and easy-to-navigate controls.
Trout Design Rating: Fantastic!! This web site designer is obviously world-class and one of the best. Smooth flowing, quick loading, pleasing graphics all show off the wonderful skills of this web site designer.
Vietnam Network Corp Rating: Spectacular use of flash!
XpressNet! Rating: Average but interesting.

Download Shockwave Flash at Macromedia

The above reviews are purely the editorial opinion of the "The Beat..." but should help guide Netizens and designers to some of the most exciting web sites on the Internet. The above trademarks are the property of each respective organization and are used on "The Beat..." for editorial purposes only. The Beat usually does not use plug-ins but there are some plug-ins that are important to the Web experience such as RealAudio, Quicktime, Adode Acrobat Reader and Shockwave. The new "Shockwave Flash" is a plug-in that is quick to download, generally 30 seconds, easy to install and quick to load. Flash files are usually small, sometimes as small as HTML, gif or jpeg files. The browsers needed are Netscape Navigator 2.01 and higher or Internet Explorer 3.00 and higher. The results are astounding!! So go ahead and try Flash. You will be Shocked!

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