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" An internet portal which keeps it simple to search the net. "

Osla, Norway - (PRN): Now you have the possibility to do a national internet search in more than 100 countries from one single site on the Net. The service will help you well on the way to get an accurate hit each time you are going on the net to search for national information.

When you go on the net to search for information, it is natural to expect an accurate result. We have probably all performed a search with a search engine which has given 1000 if not several million hits from all over the world. If you are after an accurate hit in one specific country, you will get the best result by using a national search engine instead of using an international search engine which guaranteed will give you lots of information you are not looking for. For the user however, it is not simple to keep updated on the many national search engines that pop up.

The site which has its origin from the Norwegian company twoclickaway, has existed since February this year, but it is only in the recent period that interest and activity has increased.

"Internet is limitless and international. And that is why searching on the internet may be confusing", says the President of the company Fredrik Thorne. "Often one searches the net to find information about a topic from a specific country, and not information from the whole world. There are several good and several less good search engines on the net, both national, local and international search engines. And it is not easy for users to know which search engine to use to get an accurate hit. That is why has taken the job with maintaining one site where you may find them all.

"Through the service the company wishes to create an internet portal which keeps it simple to search the net. This they will do through at all times by being kept updated on the good national search engines. This service will then simplify searches for those users which are looking for national information worldwide. shall be a site on the internet which gives your searches higher relevance. From our site the user may perform national searches in more than 100 ountries. The search will then give a truer picture of what you want to know", says Fredrik Thorne. "We address almost every kind of net users and to our best knowledge this is the only service which may offer the users such accuracy", he adds.

"The objective is that will be a natural choice when people are going on the net to seek information. We shall be a promoter and pioneer company when it comes to stimulating increased use of the internet", says Thorne. "This we will do by simplifying the search process for the users. We shall focus on brand building, have good quality service and maintain the lead we have on possible competitors.

The goal is that the portal within a short time will have established itself as a natural starting page and an attractive search tool for all internet users", he concludes.

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