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The Webmaster's Corner

Learn HTML today!

Creating a web page is extremely easy and fun! Review the following web sites and get started! HTML is the lanquage of the web along with JAVA, ActiveX and others but HyperText Markup Lanquage (HTML) is still the most basic and easist to learn. Anyone can do it!

Some good background history can be found at the W3 organization that coordinates the web standards worldwide. Then you should review the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners Lee's style manual.

Go ahead and get started!


Amazon Book Search





Next, go into more detail of the actual HTML at the W3 organization. Sandia National Libraries will provide more information to read up on along with Tom Boutell's Web FAQ. Next surf on over to HotWired to finish up your HTML lesson.
The Beat in association with "Amazon Books" can provide you more detailed instruction with the "Setting Up an Internet Site for Dummies" book by Jason and Ted Coombs. For more details, click here.

Browse through our Book Shoppe!

On-Line Tutorials!

Now it's time for a full tutorial with HotWired's Webmonkey who has the best HTML lesson on the web and after completing your first tutorial, try Microsoft's Site Builder to polish your skills.

* Featured Sites *
A powerful resource guide to hundreds of indispensable links for web designers, web producers, webmasters, and web site builders - including design, development, ecommerce, organizations, and bleeding edge sites.

Affiliate program directory
Help for picking out affiliate programs online.

Forward Graphics
Web Promotion & Marketing

They work with clients to determine their individual needs as well as their goals. They specialize in creating a new web presence or remaking an existing site, Forward Graphics will help make the Web work for you!

Personal telephone coaching consultations in practical marketing skills including strategies, promotions, competitor research, and alliance building. more. Midway provides business and marketing consultations to Hi-Tech, software, small and entrepreneurial businesses

Perl CGI Scripts

High-quality freeware and shareware Perl CGI scripts and log analysis tools: WebLog, WebTester, WebBBS, WebAdverts, WebCal, WebSearch and more! Improve your Web site's success by adding interactivity!

The List
The Definitive
ISP Buyer's Guide's directory of Internet service providers which can be very useful for those webmasters trying to locate the best ISP to host their site. Fully searchable and full of helpful information!

A Biz Solution
Internet Services

Providing fast, dependable service to you with multiple DS-3 connections and state-of-the-art Pentium class servers backed by multiple UPS and generator back-up systems, A Biz Solution offers Internet services with unique packages to fit your business needs.

The XtraCool Page
Webmaster Stuff

Tools and freebies for webmasters. HTML editors, java applets, ftp, image editors, javascript, free money, counters, statistics, guestbooks, promotion, banner exchange, forms, polls, chat and much more...

URL Wizard Automated URL Submission Software
Free download for all those webmasters who want to promote their new site!

LPMP Editor Page
The Online HTML Editor

It's an HTML editor, it's fast, visual, free, online and easy to use. With it you'll make your pages in no time, without knowing any code.

AWeber Autoresponders
Having an automated system to send information and follow up with your potential customers will save you time and money, maximize your marketing efforts and keep you organized.

WebNovice Online is the world's only Webzine especially for new and inexperienced Internet users. Features include helpful tips and tricks, how-to articles, tutorials, an Internet glossary, monthly articles, and a whole lot more.

Find It!
Everything you need to build, promote, and earn money with your web site!

Webmaster Resources
The one stop shop for webmasters!
Articles about website design and promotion, reviews of software and services for webmasters, Design Guidelines, a weekly newsletter, and organized links to over 1000 free resources to help webmasters build, promote an maintain a successful website.

Better Counter
Better Counter (free) is the world's first counter that combines the feature to count all pages and all external links, the usability of a Java Applet and a complete analysis tool within a customizable page structure.

Graphic Design

They provide graphic design, photo retouching, logo creation, animation, desktop publishing and more.

Purrfection Productions
Web Design

Purrfection Productions specializes in web site design for smaller businesses and personal use. We also offer custom graphics, scanning, and submission to search engine services.

The Internet Society Coordinates technical Internet resources and standards.

One of the easiest, best and least-expensive way to automatically add your URL to ALL the major search engines and indexes!

Keeper of the domain names. Currently operated by Network Solutions.

Advanced Webpage Design
From Java Applets, JavaScript and Active Server Pages, the advanced webmaster can pick up many tips at this great site!

* 1, 0 0 9 * Webpage Submissions
An Award Winning Web Submission Service !


Webling's Cafe has some great HTML and web site design pointers. And finally, finish up with the excellent!

Print out Hotwired Webmonkey's HTML Cheat Sheet and you are now all ready to become a Webmaster!!

Good luck!

* Featured Sites * - professional website promotions and internet marketing

Get Specific Internet Marketing
*** Would you like more traffic to your site? ***
Get your MetaTags written professionally so the Top Ten Engines can find your website, Get Hand Submitted to the Top 100 Engines & Directories, the Top Industry and Regional Directories, and More! Visit them today at the Get Specific Home Page and simply say, 'We want more targeted traffic to our website' and receive our Free Web Site Consultation.

Martin's HTML Tutorial in Plain English
Great tutorial on HTML! Every beginner and expert can learn from this excellent HTML guide!

Webmaster Resources from WebMaster Central
Webmaster resources for web professionals who build, design, promote or support web sites. Free tools, utilities and free newsletter!

Michele-Web - Webmaster Resources
Learn to build a webpage with step by step instructions. Vast site filled with many webmaster resources. Great step-by-step tutorial! One of the best on the net!  

Graphic World
A resource for webmaster, designers and beginners as well. You will find web site templates, plugins, brushes, actions, nozzles and free FrontPage templates. Includes a  Forum and Chat Area for your questions and lots of resource links.  

Bruce Hamilton's Interactive Web Site
Spice up your web site with these free javascripts and perl scripts.  Check out the cool tips and html references.

Ace Web Page Developer Domain
A huge collection of gifs, javascript, page support, and buttons for free. Everything you need to get started on that great page of yours is located at Ace!

History of the Internet
Good, comprehensive history of the Internet going back to the 1970's.

Tracks operating systems, browser usage, screen resolution and other interesting aspects of the Internet.

The Brain
The Brain is not your everyday search engine.  Rather, it fills its database with quality sites and services that are helpful for web masters such as cgi scripts, graphics, web promotion, web hosting and banner exchanges.

Wanda Loskot
International Coach & Marketing Wizard

Marketing through referrals and other SANE strategies for small business owners and professionals. One of the richest sites on the net.

Talk List
Your #1 source for Listservers, Email Discussion Groups, Talklists, Announcement Lists and E-Zine distribution!

Webmasters Mall
Quality resources for creating and promoting your Web site. Plenty of free items available!

Site Search Tools Guide
The best reference on the web for site indexing and local search engine information.

Associate Programs Directory: find a richer revenue stream
You can earn commissions by referring customers to other web sites. This directory gives you hundreds of programs to choose from.

Internet - The Big Picture
A visual map of how the web works!

BBL Internet Media
A great site for online business.  Press release, media lists and promotion.

Stealth Promotions - Award on the Web
Every web site needs one of these awards!

Stealth Promotions - Free Classified List
Use these free classifieds to promote your web site.

Web Clip Art - Mining Company
Updated weekly with a new feature, new clipart links (called net links), over 70 categories of topic specific clip art links to ensure visitors find the specific clipart they need, plus monthly newsletter, Best of the Net awards, onsite clipart, and more.

Free Information City: Webmaster Tools and Resources
This site provides a variety of free and low cost resources, software, and information products for the new or experienced webmaster.

Cyberspace Law Center
Good guide to the legal aspects of the Internet.

D+D Graphics
Make yourself known in print and on the web! D+D Graphics offers affordable, quality typesetting and web design for someone with a small budget, be it personal or business related.

Networth Net
They can build for you or your company a professional looking Web Site at a fraction of the normal costs of setting up and maintaining a Productive Site.

IBMPS Free Links
Free webmaster tools and more!

Internet Traffic Report
Monitor the traffic jams on the Net courtesy of the Andover News!

EZ internet Access
EZ internet access can provide you with all your networking requirements, whether you are an internet or intranet user. With a total support base of hardware and software professionals completely at your disposal to help with even the most gruelling of tasks. From Melbourne, Australia.

One Stop Home Business Shop & Book Store
One stop home business shop and book store and much more! Here you will find superior opportunities, tips and marketing articles. They offer a fine selection of discount business and marketing books.

PHP3 - PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor
A server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. If you are completely new to PHP and want to get some idea of how it works, have a look at the Introductory Tutorial. Once you get beyond that have a look at the example archive sites and some of the other resources.

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